ICYC Platform

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ICYC Platform (I see you click)

  • Promote safer driving by monitoring driver app engagement, and speed during each session of clicks
  • Keep an eye on your vehicles, cargos and drivers, verify smartphone usage is both smart and limited


  • Keep tabs on the speed of your drivers if they text, engage in social media apps, or take or make calls

App engagement metrics

  • Monitor multiple parameters of driver app engagement on a single platform

Session length

  • See just how long drivers are spending on mobile phone app sessions when driving

Session type (Whatsapp, SMS, mail, social media)

  • Identify which apps drivers are using during trips

Clicks per session

  • Observe exactly how much clicking is being done by drivers on the way

Foreground apps

  • See which apps are lurking in the foreground while driving
  • Incoming/outgoing call duration
    • Find out who exactly is making and who just answering calls during trips – and also how long the calls last

Battery level

  • Make sure you know when a driver’s battery is about to run out of juice


Additional Features