with no compromises!

Protextme automatically starts when driving, and stops when you finish.

No need to push a start button-this app operates and stops automatically!
ProtextMe senses when the vehicle starts moving and automatically blocks or reads out all selected text messages to your smartphone. Increase your safety on the road by avoiding multiple distractions from your phone while driving.

If you’re not the one driving, just turn the app off by pushing the “I am not driving” button.

Mutes and hides all notifications while you’re driving.

keeping you calm and focused, helping to keep your eyes on the road and avoid car accidents !

Sends editable auto response message to both SMS and Whatsapp messages.

 You can send the auto response message to everyone or just selected contacts, and even uncheck the option in the settings.

Blocks spam!

Doesn’t let promotional messages distract you while driving.

ProtextMe has a smart list option

You can easily mute and hide all messages or just those from unwanted senders, and even select contacts whose messages you don’t want to miss even when you are driving

Set the “Read Message” and “Read Sender’s Name” options and your text messages will be read out loud when you’re driving !

Blue Tooth driving detection

Set up your car Blue Tooth device, and the app will sense whether you are in your car or not.

Traveling Abroad

Set the “Traveling Abroad” option to cancel the automatic mode and avoid SMS charges when traveling overseas.

New! NFC Identification

Just tap your smartphone on the NFC sticker in the car, and ProtextMe will turn on, then just tap it again when you’ve finished driving to turn it off. To purchase the lifesaving sticker: